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Rodent Control Somers

Rodents are nasty pests as they roam around the filthiest of the places like drains, gutters, sewage, pipelines, HVAC systems, trash cans and so on. They carry deadly germs and bacteria that can easily make you sick. Droppings, body hair, and urine of rodents have disease-causing germs that can easily contaminate your food and drinking water. Aside from chewing and destroying valuables like furniture, books, clothing, food, and documents they cause destruction worth millions every year

Same Day Pest Control Somers offers exceptional rodent control services that aim at eliminating rats and mice from your property and making sure they never return. We use modern tools and technology along with effective treatment methods for Rodent Control Somers. Therefore, if you have been noticing signs of rodent infestation at your commercial or residential property make sure to contact experts right away! Talk to our specialists and get quick solutions for rodent problems.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

rodent control
Property Damage


rodents make squeaking noises when communicating among themselves. Furthermore, they also make rattling noises when chewing or running around your property. If you can hear weird noises at night, consider hiring pest control Somers experts.

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Signs of Damages

rodents chew and bite everything that comes on their way. You can notice bite marks and holes on your clothes, books, cardboard boxes and so on. These signs of damage indicate rodent infestation.

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Droppings of rodents can be easily spotted around your kitchen cabinets and pantry. If you can notice dark, elongated droppings in your home, get your property inspected by our Rodent Control Somers Experts.

Property Damage


A lingering odour is released by rodents, their urine and droppings. If you can smell a foul odour coming from abandoned places, consider calling experts for inspection.

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Live Rats

Live rats are red flags. If you can notice live adult rats in your home, chances are there may be a few more. Call the experts immediately and avail rodent control services!

Our Rodent Control Process

Property Inspection

As soon as we arrive, we thoroughly check your property for signs of rodent infestation.

Rodent Treatment

Our experts use bait or apply chemicals strategically for removing rats from your property.


We don’t just remove rats from your house but also make sure they never return to your premises by providing preventive tips to homeowners.

Why Choose Same Day Pest Control Somers?

We are a top pest control company offering high-quality comprehensive pest control solutions across Somers and its neighbouring areas. And, aside from our reputation, there are plenty of other reasons why you should choose us and these include:

  • Experience:we have over a decade of industry experience.
  • Qualified Team: our experts are highly qualified, well-trained and licensed for the job.
  • Modern Technology:we use advanced equipment for pest control, treatment and prevention.
  • Eco-friendly Solution:our pest control methods and chemicals are safe for the environment.
  • Availability: we offer same-day and emergency services and remain available 24x7 and all year long!

Don’t let rodents wreak havoc inside your home! Call us at 0340507221 and get instant solutions from our Rodent Control Somers professionals!

Sameday Pest Control  And Repairs

Same Day Pest Control Somers

Rat and mice infestation can be quite frustrating. To prevent damages and diseases spread by rodents, avail of our same day pest control services. We offer quick and effective rodent control services across Somers as we understand your urgency. Our Same Day pest control Somers experts arrive at your location within just a few hours of booking confirmation!

So, call us at 0340507221 and get quick rodent control services at your doorstep!