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Possum Control Somers

Possums are commonly spotted all across Australia. These creatures remain active at night and invade your homes in search of food and water. Possums can cause widespread damage to your property and oftentimes they get stuck in confined spaces and die.

Rely on Same Day Pest Control Somers for professional possum control services. We offer comprehensive possum control, removal and prevention services to both residential and commercial clients in Somers. Thanks to our highly-qualified team of well-trained experts, licensed and certified to offer premium quality pest control services using modern tools and effective techniques.

So, when you notice signs of possum infestation in your property, make sure to call experts for pest control Somers and get your surroundings inspected and treated!

Signs of Possum Infestation

dead animal removal


Possums are capable of wreaking havoc. They can damage your roofs, ceilings, belongings, walls, vegetation and whatnot. If you can notice bite marks or signs of damage inside your home, consider availing of possum control Somers services.

dead animal removal


As possums thrive at night, they often communicate with others making a squeaking sound. Furthermore, they can also make rattling noises when they get stuck in confined spaces. If you can hear weird noises every night, consider it a sign of possum infestation.

dead animal removal

Live Possum

Live possums can be spotted in and around your property. If you have been noticing live possums in your backyard it is high time, you avail professional possum controls Somers services. Keep your property safe and possum-free with our expert services!

Threats Imposed By Possums

While possums are infamous for being notorious they also impose threats which are mentioned below:

Property Damage


Possums carry deadly germs and can easily contaminate your food and water spreading diseases causing bacteria and viruses.

Save Time

Legal Hassle

Possums are protected species in the country. Therefore, you cannot kill them. To keep yourself away from the legal hassle make sure you rely on pest control Somers experts and get your property treated!

Why Choose Us?

Same Day Pest Control Somers is a well-known pest control company that provides high-quality services in Somers and its neighbouring areas. Aside from our extensive range of services, there are numerous reasons why you should hire us, which are listed below:

  • Years of Experience: with over ten years of pest control experience in the industry we are the most reliable company in Somer.
  • Licensed Professionals: All of our pest controllers are qualified and experienced, well-trained, licenced, and certified professionals!
  • Eco-friendly approach:To remove pests from your property, we use green chemicals and environmentally safe techniques.
  • Modern technology: pest activity is monitored and eliminated using modern machines and devices.
  • 24x7 Availability: Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!
Sameday Pest Control  And Repairs

Make your surroundings possum-free and safe by simply calling us at 0340507221 today to get your bookings confirmed!

Same-Day Pest Control Somers

Have you been noticing signs of possum infestation? Don’t worry, we have your back! Contact Same Day Pest Control Somers offers effective and quick pest control services across the city. We understand your concern and hence offer same-day pest control services at the most affordable prices. We remain available 24x7 and 365 days a year for your service!

We don’t just remove possums but also make sure they don’t return to your property. Call us today at 0340507221 and talk to our experts for more information!